Friday, December 22, 2017

***Cardio Load – 3:30 PM***

-Coach’s Choice-

Pick a skill and practice. Ask the coach for help with progressions.


4 x 2 @ 90% – Rest 2:30

-For Time-
-Down and Up-
10 Strict Pull-ups
50′ Handstand Walk
20 CTB Pull-ups
50′ Handstand Walk
30 Pull-ups
50′ Handstand Walk (perform once)

*Scale the Strict Pull-ups with a band.
*Scale the CTB Pull-ups and Pull-ups with Lat Pulldowns by sliding a PVC pipe through the end of your band. Pull the PVC Pipe down to your chest for the CTB Pull-ups and just below your chin for the Pull-ups.
*Adjust the height of your seat for your Lat Pulldowns prior to the start of the workout. Grab a bench or stack plates to make the movement challenging, but not impossible.

*Scale the HS Walks with Bear Crawls x 2, a 30 second HS Hold on the wall, or with 5 Wall Walks.

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