Monday, January 1, 2018

***We will only have Open Gym from 10 AM – Noon. There will not be any childcare available. Come join us for a New Year’s Day workout! Our regular hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd.***

***Our January Basics Course will start on Tuesday, January 2nd at 6:30 PM***

-31:00 AMRAP-
1 Rope Climb
1 Power Snatch (135/95) (Rx+ 185/125)
20 Double Unders
18 ABMAT Sit-ups

*Scale Rope Climbs with Rope-ups x 2 or Ring Rows x 4.
*Scale Double Unders with Power Jump Singles or Double Taps.

*Each round the Power Snatches will increase by 1 rep to represent the days in January. At the end of the 31 minutes, whichever day (round) you are ON (does not have to be completed), you will subtract that number from 31 and then multiply by 2. That will be the number of Bar-Facing Burpees you have to finish your workout.

*You’re on Round 8 when time expires
*31 – 8 = 23
*23 x 2 = 46 Bar-Facing Burpees

Happy New Year! Stay safe! See you all in the AM!

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