Thursday, January 4, 2018

***Basics – 6:30 PM***

-For Time-
(35:00 Cap)
(Down and Up)

100 Walking Lunges (R/L=2)
100 ABMAT Sit-ups
50/35 HSPU (Rx+ Strict)
30/24 Cal Bike
50 Walking Lunges (R/L=2)
50 ABMAT Sit-ups
25/20 HSPU (Rx+ Strict)
50/35 Cal Row (Perform Once)

*Scale HSPU with DB Push Press or by Stacking 1 or 2 ABMATs.

**If the Rowers or Bikes are all taken, move on to the next movement and come back to it. Just make sure you complete 50/35 Calories total on the Rower and 60/48 Calories total on the Bike.

-RomWOD/Band Stretch/Passive Hang from Pull-up Bar

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