ProFit Class

heavy bag

ProFit Class is an explosive cardio workout that is full of energy and is fueled by persistence. Brian Hill is a professional mixed martial artist and owner of Fighters Flow MMA. He will lead you through the intense hour-long sequences of exercises focusing on either kickboxing or boxing. Depending on your intensity, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in this workout.

Brian and his staff will push you through different exercises so you see the best results. Each class utilizes warm up exercises with boxing and kickboxing cardio combinations. You’ll improve your strength, build muscle and gain endurance. You’ll see all of those benefits and more.

You decide how hard you hit it at ProFit. All fitness levels are welcome from beginners to pros and everyone in between. Boxing gloves and pads are provided. Just come ready to commit to a fun hour of high intensity muscle building, calorie burning, cardio fun and fitness. Brian can break down any and every strike to help you learn proper form and technique. Check out their Facebook page for more information at Fighters Flow MMA!


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